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Whether you need flare bartenders, flare bartender or flair bartender Las Vegas, Chicosun Las Vegas All Stars has got the resources, the talent and the expertise to be of service to you. Think of Chicosun as the voice, legs, and backbone of your next special event or promotion. Call now to avail of Chicosun's services that can be customized for your specific flare bartenders needs:

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Disc Jockey

  • Contests & Promotions

  • All-Star Bar Star Shows

  • Design and Printing

  • Voiceovers
With Chicosun's flare bartender, flair bartender Las Vegas and flare bartenders, you'll surely get a Vegas-style production that will draw huge crowds and make your venue the talk of the town.

Chicosun can tailor its flare bartenders services to your very specific or unusual needs. Browse through our site to know more about our flare bartenders services and upcoming events. Bring the biggest bar show and the best flare bartenders in the world to your busiest (or slowest) night and watch the room and your register overflow. Aside from our flare bartenders services, you can also buy our exclusive Chicosun merchandise. From concept to execution, printing to promotion, Chicosun combines all of the talents of world-class flare bartenders with the savvy and salesmanship of a promotional pro.

Chicosun has assembled a team of the top competitive, award-winning flare bartenders, flair bartender Las Vegas and flare bartender who have appeared on stage and on TV all around the world. Plus the polished DJ and emcee skills of the man himself, Chico Garcia. Chicosun Las Vegas All Stars is a Las Vegas flair bartending show that travels all over the United States and includes the top flare bartenders from a rotation of 21 all-stars, flair bartender Las Vegas services, flyers and design & delivery, and plenty of extra surprises to blow the doors off your competition. After two years of organizing, promoting, and emceeing almost every flair bartending event in Las Vegas, and producing more than 800 flair showcases at Treasure Island Casion, Chico Garcia has taken his show on the road with Chicosun Las Vegas All Stars made up of very talented flare bartenders, flair bartender Las Vegas and flare bartender. The Chicosun Pridemotions & Prouductions is made up of the top can travel anywhere in the US to meet your flare bartenders needs. Tired of looking and asking around for the ultimate flare bartenders services that will rock your parties and events? Look no more. Chicosun is definitely your best choice.

For flare bartenders services like no other, trust only Chicosun. From flare bartender to flare bartenders to flair bartender Las Vegas to promotional design and printing services, Chicosun has got them all covered just for you.

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